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Manor House

Manor House

    The Manor House has been built in the eclectic style. Inside it, a traditional Polish manor’s atmosphere has been combined with some oriental and the Art Noveau elements. Such a combination is very much justified since  the Art Noveau artists were inspired by oriental art.

     In that undertaking we had a pleasure to make a number of stained-glasses placed in the door as well as in kitchen furniture.

     The stained-glass installed in the door is an adaptation of Alfons Mucha’s famous work entitled “The Dance”. By the way, we and our customers rather often reach for Alfons Mucha’s legacy in many our undertakings. Consequently, some other stained-glasses installed in the Manor House (in the moving doors and windcatcher room) were also inspired by Mucha’s works.

     All stained-glasses for the Manor House were made by application of “glaze painting” technology, (you can find more about that technology in the chapter entitled “Painting”) and some elements of fusing (melted glass technology).

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