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     In this case we had the opportunity to made stained glass front doors, rest room window, dressing- room window and the window of the wine-cellar. Interior of the Residence as well as all stained-glasses have been designed by Mr. Maciej Szwec, interior designer with whom we have a pleasure to cooperate.

     The whole Residence is rather modern and a warm design. Stained-glasses in the portal of a main entrance are one of key elements at the front elevation. We applied there vivid colors combined with a frosted glass. Colors and drawings of stained-glasses harmonize very well with other elements of  front elevation as well as with flora of the garden. Stained-glasses in the rest room (photo no 6) and in the dressing-room supplement stained glasses placed in the doors illuminations.

     The appropriate glass selection secures full discretion and privacy in the rest room, at the same time allowing sufficient amount of light to come through.  The additional decorative element is stained-glass installed in the basement over the wine tasting table.

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