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     The Cooperative Bank in the city of Wolbrom was decorated by us with a number of stained-glasses inspired by Art Deco and Celtics ornaments. For that location we made a number of  stained-glasses which were installed in the automatic moving doors, between a windcatcher and the business hall and in the dividing wall which separates business hall from other rooms. Additional stained-glasses were placed in register offices, spiral staircase as well as on the wall (illuminated installation).

     Moving doors and dividing wall stained-glasses had to meet strict safety standards applicable to crowded public buildings. We met that safety requirement by application of safe glass.

     The entire design is very simple in its color and form. A lot of glassed-in surface was made with totally transparent glass combined with a “milk glass”. Square ornaments placed in the geometrical form of stained-glasses constitute one of the most decorative elements of the whole project.

     Construction on the wall was made of brass and glassed-in with stained-glass. In the centre, we placed a glass-made logotype of a Cooperative Bank. The whole composition was illuminated (lighted up) by small neon light pipes designed specially for that undertaking. Today we use LED light to illuminate our works.

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