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Stained-glasses made in the Latos Art Glass Studio decorate various objects and structures in Poland as well as in Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Sweden and the United States.

What is a distinctive element of them lies in a competent and skilful selection of colors and forms. Original designing and the highest quality of work are real trump card of our STUDIO which is highly evaluated by our customers.

Latos Art Glass Studio is managed by siblings: Agnieszka Latos - Madej and Zbigniew Latos.  In the first place it was Agnieszka who discovered inside herself a deep passion for art and in particular for a glass art. She studied in the Fine Arts High School in Dabrowa Gornicza where she achieved  background experience in drawing, painting and, first of all, designing and making stained-glasses. This  Fine Arts High School was and continue to be the only one professional high school in Poland providing students with expert knowledge on stained-glass art. In 1991 Agnieszka was awarded a 3rd price on the plain—air painting competition in Czestochowa. Professional skills in drawing and painting are necessary in stained-glass art, in particular in the process of designing. After graduation at Fine Arts High School in Dabrowa Agnieszka started her university level education at OPUS ART COLLEGE in Sosnowiec studying at its Stained-Glass Art Department. One of the lecturers of OPUS ART that time was Mr.WIKTOR ZIN, famous professor of architecture from the Krakow Technical University  . Graduated at OPUS ART Agnieszka commenced her professional carrier at OPUS ART COLLEGE STAINED-GLASS STUDIO where she improved her skills and has got a lot of additional experience.

Latos Art Glass Studio was opened in 2001. It was founded by Agnieszka and her brother Zbyszek, who is a graduate of  Silesia University in Katowice. It was him who convinced Agnieszka to open their own Studio. Zbyszek very quickly learned secrets of stained-glass art while assisting  Agnieszka in her work.

After 11 years of  activities on the market their Studio achieved a very high position and fame due to the quality of their works.

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Latos Art Glass Studio, ul. Majewskiego 28, 42-530 Dąbrowa Górnicza, tel. (32) 729 85 46, mobile: 502 206 711, e-mail: biuro@latos.com.pl

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