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Making order

      You are mostly welcomed at our Studio to put an order in person and to talk about all its details.

However, due to the distance or time factors, all phases of ordering a stained-glass can be carried on effectively without personal presence and participation of the customer (investor). In principle, all steps necessary to put an order can be done through phone or e-mail. We visit our customer personally  if a particular order requires such a visit and we take part actively in all stages of  more complicated undertakings. We already carried on a lot of orders from Poland, as well as from Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain and the United States.


The entire process of putting an order consists of  the following stages:

  1. Identification of our customer's expectations regarding the substance of design, intended location of ordered stained-glass and other substantial elements of the undertaking. On that basis we prepare  and present the estimated value (price) of the ordered work. If available information is enough precise, we at once propose a final price of the ordered work. At the same time we fix a time-limit in which the ordered work will be completed. Selection of a given design for ordered stained-glass is usually done on the basis of already finished works which are exposed at our web page. It could be the exact repetition (duplication) of the existing design or a modification of it in accordance with the customer's suggestions. However, the most enjoyable for us  is preparation of a new and very individual design, on which we can work from the very beginning.

  2. If estimation of costs and time-limit for completion of the ordered work  were accepted by the customer , the appropriate contract is consequently concluded.  The conclusion of a contract is executed by sending a binding offer to the customer and confirmation of the offer by the customer by the transfer of an advance payment. The time-limit for the completion of an ordered work begins  at the date of registering an advance payment in our financial records. In the case when we are in personal touch with the customer, the conclusion of the contract and transfer of an advance payment can be done in more traditional way.

  3. The next stage is designing. We carry on a design  on the basis of the customer's suggestions or in consultations with interior designers. The final version of a design is sent to the customer for his/her approval. After making requested (by him/her) modifications (if any) the final version of a design has to be approved by the customer or the person dully authorized by him/her.

  4. Furthermore, we start our work on the ordered stained-glass on the ground of the approved design. During that stage, if a customer  so wishes, he/she will be dully consulted on the selection of glass. It is worthy to underline that if a given design contains specific colors (as proposed for glass) they should reflects only approximate but not exact color of glass because colors as reflected by pencils, brushes (paints) or computer programs are not the same as the colors of the glass available on the market. That is why, our customers can be consulted in the glass selection process. In the most cases our customers are satisfied with the selection of glass done by us, since they trust our experience and taste. Sometimes not only a stained-glass is ordered at our Studio but also some additional elements like frames, pieces of woodwork  or other construction elements. In such cases  components of the order are made simultaneously by our collaborators or in consultation with collaborators chosen by the customer. On  each and every stage of the entire undertaking  we cooperate with other experts, collaborators and companies which take part in the realization. The cooperation usually refers to the fixing of  dimensions and  installation a stained-glass.

  5. When  ordered stained-glass is ready we deliver it to the destination as requested by the customer. A particular transportation may be done in the form of:

    - collecting of ordered work (stained-glass) in our Studio;
    - our own transportation to the final destination;
    - courier shipment.

         It is rather difficult to transport stained-glasses, in particular bigger ones. They are also exposed to various damages during transportation.  That is why they should be transported in the way providing maximum rigid environment, free of any tension affecting them directly and in particular avoiding any inflections. When the customer is collecting the completed stained-glass from our studio we advise him/her how to transport it safely. In some cases, where there is not enough trunk space in his car or if there are no  satisfactory rigid conditions there,  we strongly discourage such a transportation.
         If we use courier shipment, we pack our works into a rigid boxes filled with an appropriate filler in order to prevent any movement of stained-glass inside a package. We already sent a lot of our works for a long-distance destinations without any damages. Our own transportation is obviously the safest  alternative.
  6. If requested we also install our stained-glasses in places of their final destination or we supervise the installation by other companies or experts.

  7. Terms of payment of the remaining costs (full costs minus advance payment) are agreed individually with each customer. Final payment is usually done  in the time of handling over completed  work to the customer (in person), delivery of a work by our transportation to its final destination or after installing the work if we participate in it. In the case of a courier shipment it could be done by advance payment or cash-on-delivery.


All above mentioned information reflects only the most typical and most frequently applied procedures. If  need arises, we are open to adjust or modify those procedures to the specific conditions or expectations.

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