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  • Tanz
    2012-03-20 14:39:08
    Well, the main reason for tnsiaed glass in churches in history was that a great percentage of the population could not read. In this way the churches could tell the stories without words.In this day and age, I would think you should go for the beauty angle, in that a church will look better with them, you know, more churchlike. I'm sure you can google the production costs and such. Of course, you want to advertise to religious communities, church builders or architects that specialize in this area, and perhaps also historic preservation societies, since old houses and businesses also have tnsiaed glass windows.Good luck!
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  • Robert Maryn
    2012-02-20 21:47:28
    well done !
    I navigated on your English version webpage easly and with a real pleasure !
    Congratulations on your works, outstanding quality and striking beauty !
    I am sure that one day I will order something from your Studio.
    regards and best wishes,
    Our answer: Thank you very much mr Bob.

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