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Range of services

  1. Design

    First, we prepare a design of ordered stained glass. Majority of our works have been also designed by us on individual orders. Designs are drawn in accordance with our customers' wishes and recommendations. At the same time, they are  adjusted to the particular place in which stained glasses will be finally exposed  in order to harmonize them with interior and, if applicable, external elevation of the building. While designing we are also select such glass which is most suitable for particular piece of our work.

  2. Making stained glass.

    We make stained-glasses on the basis of a design prepared by us or received from our customer. Any design proposed by us must be finally accepted by our customer before commencement of  further works.

  3. Junction of a stained-glass into a bunch or strengthening it by a carrying glass.
    In the case of  stained-glasses placed in the windows or entrance doors, they are fixed inside a bunch of glasses (two coats) in order to protect them against any negative influence of  atmospheric factors and to maintain the appropriate thermal (heat) insulation conditions of bunch glazing. Junction of a stained-glass also increases its tractability to mechanical damage, in particular when a safe glass (type VSG) is used in a bunch. In some instances, when a stained-glass has to be placed in interior or if its size/way of installation exposes it to damage, we  are fixing stained-glass with a carrying glass made from the VSG safe glass. Such a solution allows to stiffen  stained-glass and prevent any damage, resulted, for example, from forcing it out.

  4. Transportation.

    We can provide transportation for our works to any destination requested by our customer. We do it on our own or by hiring a transportation company. In the latter, ordered stained-glasses are packed into a rigid boxes together with the appropriate filler.

  5. Installation.

    The installation of any ordered stained-glass is usually carried on without our participation. In most cases, it is the responsibility of an interior design company or a carpenter to finally install the ordered stained-glass. If requested by our customer, we take part in the installation process or even we make it on our own.

  6. Cooperation and consulting.

    Designing or making a stained-glass are often done in continuous consultation with investor or interior designer. We are aware that the final effect of all interior designing works is due to the creativity and activity of many cooperating experts involved in that  process.  Therefore we cooperate with a number of companies and individual experts who take part in the project,  consulting with them a size, shape, color, selection of glass as well as way of installation of our stained-glasses.  Some of such consultations or understandings can be done without active participation of investor if there are other  persons dully authorized to negotiate and decide on his/her behalf. We are aware that our customers' time is priceless and we try to carry on their orders in such a way which will not engage them more than necessary in any consultation or agreement.

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