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It is worthy to secure a positive influence your house bears on you as well as the energetic character of all spaces in which we are staying. We should enjoy all elements we are looking at in our environment. After all what we can see is only the light. 


        Most probably a lot of you is aware that your home should be a very special place.  A place where your eyes are pleased by shapes and colors, your taste is pleased by nice smell and all of that improves your mood and feelings. A place in which you can feel happy and safe. Your house is your little world you have dreamed about and due to its form and lights does have a hypnotically soothing effect on every and each person staying in it. The same applies to the office, hotel or other     

places accommodating people where the comfort of them should be given the absolute priority.

        Are you aware of an influence of the interior in which you are staying on your own heart of hearts, your health and state of mind? Nowadays, under a pressure of ordinariness  we are not aware of the influence the environment bears on us. That influence which is often received by us involuntary similarly to our perception of air we are breathing or a sunbeam falling down on you. However there are places where we feel good or bad regardless any rational explanation. It was known by Chinese masters of Feng Shui but also the European architecture in some instances applies that knowledge creating the airspace in the manner comfortable for human beings.

        We are living in the time in which it is more rare and rare to communicate with beauty of nature and more often we are staying in a crowded, nosily areas overloaded with technical and emotional turmoil. However, to some extent, we are still able to change that situation. There is a capacity of creating your own environment, the capacity  a man  possessed and used  since he appeared on the Earth.

Look into the past and bring out in our imagination the most beautiful structures created by mankind. Yes, most of them are castles, palaces and churches belonging to great rulers and rich people. The need to stay in a beautiful environment has accompanied the man from ancient times but fulfillment of that need was reserved only for elites. The position and prestige of a person in the society has been often determined by condition and beauty of his/her estate.

      What about today ? In the time of an open and universal access to the information, many of us are able to reach that knowledge while in the past it was reserved for some privileged only. The knowledge how to create our environment in order to improve  the quality of our life. The knowledge that each of us is a part of our environment and is able to make it beautiful. Thus the environment will effect positively on each and every person staying in it. So, everybody should use that knowledge and apply the light in a resolute, intentional and willful manner.  


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