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Why stained glass


      Stained-glass is not only a beautiful element as a such, transparent picture and a source of light, but – due to the appropriate selection and the composition of glass – allows to achieve the extraordinary play of lights penetrating different forms of materials and colors simply dancing on the walls and objects located in a given space. Stained-glasses are very dynamic elements which decorate interior. They permanently “paint” spaces where they have been installed in the way adequate to the time of a day and the season.


      The most charming and the mysterious part of stained-glass is its never completed form. When we are looking at a stained-glass we can see a combination of a glass mosaics together with its background, for example a beautiful garden or a landscape outside a window. Only those two elements together determine a final visual effect. Sometimes stained-glass can serve a very opposite purpose, namely to cover, in a very delicate manner, what is behind it when such a view is not convenient to us or when we want to save a privacy of a room (bathroom for example). In such cases stained-glasses let us to save privacy without sacrificing the flow of light and in addition they help to create your own landscape in the window or the door.

Due to the special features of a stained-glass the interior comes to life and becomes a very extraordinary space, mysterious and full of very friendly energy. Naturally, also exterior of a house when  stained-glass or glazing have been installed there, becomes more attractive and the house constitutes a true decoration of the neighborhood, especially in the evenings.

      There are a lot of possibilities of  the interior application of stained-glasses. We have manage already many such applications, installing stained-glasses in the houses or other places up to the wishes of our customers. When you try to imagine how a stained-glass would look at your house or office check our works and may be your initial thoughts will be modified by that inspiration.

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